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Immediate, quality results. This has given me the confidence and the skills to take my voice to the next level.

Nolan Butcher

I recommend this to anyone who desires professional results.

Stephanie S.

This is the greatest investment ever. You’re never going to find this much information, tools, training, techniques and video tutorials anywhere.

John Kingsley

Such an informal and fun approach, yet professional, including new ways of practicing basics like breathing, posture, and pronunciation.

Karen Brownlee

It feels like you are learning from a friend on the inside.

Lyle Kingsley

I’m loving the lessons!!!

Richard Balagot

Are you interested?

I’m currently writing an enhanced version of Superstar Singing Secrets and am looking for a few readers who are interested in becoming a beta reader.

If selected, this means that you’ll have first opportunity to get the newest version of my book as you help make it better for everyone.

There will be accompanied videos for the lessons as well.

There’s no cost to you other than your willingness to learn and offer your honest opinion.

Let’s face it, practice and training can be boring and sometimes a bit difficult. That’s why I set out to create an enjoyable, fun and supremely effective method of delivering the real-world vocal performing methods of voice mastery. Keeping things entertaining while avoiding the less-than-necessary stuff.

What’s left is a crazy, fun, and highly effective voice training that’ll have you singing, entertaining and unleashing that beautiful voice you were born with. Quickly and easily.



Superstar Singing Secrets Book

Learn the methods used by multi-platinum selling artists and more.

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Guided Course

An in depth singing experience that incorporates what you’ve learned in Superstar Singing Secrets and more.

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Group Training

Taking things to the next level hasn’t been more fun in the company of others.

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Superstar Singing Secrets live and in concert. Entertaining, engaging and simply outrageous!

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Online vocal coaching programs have never been so engaging and fun.