What is Vocah?

Vocah is is a picture dictionary available in English, French, Vietnamese and Chinese. Please refer to this page for more information.

Who should use Vocah?
Vocah is intended for learners of English, French, Vietnamese or Chinese as a resource to increase their vocabulary. Parents also find it very useful to teach their young kids new vocabulary words in their native language.
How do you pronounce Vocah?


Who's behind Vocah?
Vocah was created by Trung Nguyễn.
Is Vocah free?
Yes, it is free and will always be. We are strictly non-profit and do not intend to make money from this site.
May I use your pictures on my website?
No, you may not. We recommend that you read the Terms of Service to find more information about our copyright policies.
I have noticed a bug / mistake / typo. Where do I report it?
Please send us an email to contact@vocah.com and we will try to fix it as early as we can.